This open call addresses all those actors (local, national and international) working in the areas of urban planning, local development, and territorial innovation, that are willing to participate in an interdisciplinary and open process for the future development of the area.


Applications are welcome from experts, researchers and professionals of all ages, either as individuals or on behalf of professional groups (associations, research centers, start-ups, architecture and/or town-planning firms).


Examples of potential candidates for this project include: public administrators and civil servants, architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, environmental experts, artists, designers, photographers, economists, collaborative design experts, communication and storytelling experts, open data experts, European planning experts, facilitators, geologists, entrepreneurs and social innovators, cultural coordinators, investors, semiologists, historians, technology experts, participatory planning experts, and other profiles integrating different professional skills and disciplines.


A maximum of 10 submissions will be selected.


Selected applicants will join an interdisciplinary group, which will work in close contact with the territory and the local community for the development of participatory, multidisciplinary and planning activity.

The group will be addressing various challenges in the administrative, financial, environmental, historical, infrastructural and technological field. They will need to demonstrate the ability to plan in a collaborative manner, understand local needs and develop effective and meaningful reports.


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