The Municipality of Rieti is interested in promoting the project as part of a wider program for the development of the whole community. In particular, the area should undergo a process of environmental remediation and foster the start of new businesses compatible with the local urban context.

The current national and sub-national (regional) regulations allow the approval of urban development projects fostering new business creation (always in respect of national regulations and European environmental directives).

The Municipality of Rieti supports NEXT SNIA VISCOSA for this reason, as well as to revamp a wider area of the city and create new job opportunities. The aim is to create a unitary project that puts the best minds in motion, inspiring passions and dreams of all of those wanting to revitalize the community, building a local development model based on Rieti’s assets.




Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, as the owner of two-thirds of the ex-Viscosa complex, is ready to act as a catalyst and facilitator towards innovative projects for the redevelopment of the area. MPS and the other owners have unanimously agreed upon the co-planning process with the common purpose of boosting the attractiveness of the area, and the whole Rieti with it.

In 2010, MPS started a remediation plan on the portion of the land it owns. The remediation of another portion of land has already been outsourced and operations will begin in 2015. However, the issue remains open and it is expected to be addressed in the final redevelopment project.




RENA is an association of citizens and organizations, inspired by civic and independent values, who strive for an open-minded Italy in which it is possible to experiment innovative policies, in which issues are faced in a collaborative and transparent manner, and both public and private participants are conscious of their responsibility towards communities.

One of RENA’s main work streams is the development of local communities as RENA wants communities to be the creators of their own change. That is why RENA is willing to put its knowledge and good practices at their service.

RENA aims at turning Rieti into a national experimental laboratory for local development policies and collaborative governance. The redevelopment of the ex SNIA Viscosa is the right opportunity to test visions of developments, forms of governance and action plans on which to build future smart communities. It is necessary for citizens, public institutions, scientific communities and private companies to look back at the cities in which they live. This is what RENA will try to do with Rieti by allowing local energies to join their efforts with innovation pioneers around Italy.




Technical support:




Snark – Space-Making works in the fields of relational design, decision-making processes and co-planning – participatory paths for shared understanding of complex events.

Starting from the assumption that the public is not simply a premise for action and scope, but a product of constant negotiation between individuals, locations and authorities, Snark focuses on analyzing and stimulating production through an array of tools and approaches: service design, relational art, co-design following the “cultural probes” method, narration theory and storytelling.

Snark works on urban planning issues with particular attention to collective processes. Snark operates with public and private actors on various scales, from defined public spaces to territorial strategies – from individuals to communities. In the context of this open call, Snark will facilitate the co-planning process, providing each participant with all the tools and relational support that are needed for its successful outcome.


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