The disused Snia Viscosa (a textile manufacturer) plant lies in the heart of Rieti. Despite having been for over five decades one of Rieti’s key manufacturing hubs, the site has been abandoned. Therefore, the key objective of this call is creating a working group to devise a strategy for the development of the area, making it once again the productive engine of the city




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In recent years, the redevelopment of dismissed production sites has been at the core of many discussions in the global development arena. Italy has a strong record of success stories, such as: Città della Scienza in Naples, the ex-Fadda complex in San Vito dei Normanni and Progetto Manifattura in Rovereto.


Città della Scienza di Napoli 

Ex Fadda

Progetto Manifattura a

NEXT SNIA VISCOSA is a call for all analysts, urban planners and storytellers passionate about sustainable development. The selected applicants will participate in an interdisciplinary working group in charge of devising an innovative strategy to re-develop the ex Snia Viscosa.



NEXT SNIA VISCOSA is an experiment in urban regeneration. This implies not only being part of the project’s working group, but also engaging with national and international experts.




The selected participants will thus be engaged in a collaborative planning process beginning on May 2015. At that time, the participants will have the opportunity to stay in Rieti for a period of maximum two weeks.


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