This call for ideas was created for selecting people, not projects. It is therefore not a traditional open call. The goal of the call is not to gather ideas for the development of the ex Snia Viscosa. Rather, it aims to set up a pool of professionals for co-planning the future of the site.


In order to achieve this outcome, we need competences, analyses, planning, as well as narration of the history of the site. This is to say that we are seeking for people whose approach to complexity can be translated into a vision of a project and tools aiming to raise awareness among people, while keeping an eye on the rest of the world and on the area’s specific features. We are looking for people willing to follow a path of mutual exchange within an interdisciplinary team.


A few years back, RENA worked in a similar context in Auletta, a town in the province of Salerno. However, there the work was not about an abandoned area but a village not yet completely rebuilt after an earthquake. These two cases, despite the variables related to their different context, share one common point: to find a vision that motivates all the people involved in the path towards change.


Just like in the case of Auletta, and perhaps even more, NEXT SNIA VISCOSA aims to be an open path characterized by transparency. Every step of it will be monitored and explained to the public, in order to understand what is working and what is not.


The interdisciplinary nature, together with the hybridization between a vision which is at the same time local and global, must serve exactly this purpose: keeping a clear mind and an outside view on the co-planning process.


This call and its process aims to make good use of the case studies of redevelopment, both in Italy and abroad, and more in general to capitalize on the experience gained in these types of change-making interventions.


For all these reasons, the goal of this call is to put together declarations of interest. Although this call sets some limits, it leaves plenty of space for candidates’ initiatives. It also allows the group to be as flexible and efficient as possible.


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