Selected applicants will first join the co-planning process from their respective locations, while latter development stages will take place on-site in Rieti. They will become part of the ex Snia Viscosa redevelopment working group, which will include:

  • Stakeholders and local advisors;
  • Mentors and social innovators, both national and international;
  • RENA’s network of individual and collective associates, including teachers from the Summer School on Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship and the Sharing School.




Following the communication of the open call results, selected candidates will be contacted to provide all necessary information and plan their stay in Rieti.


The co-planning process includes a stay of maximum fifteen days in Rieti from May 6 to May 24, 2015. The purpose of the stay is to gain extensive knowledge of the context and stakeholders involved, as well as to foster a collaborative and horizontal working method. Participants will be supported by qualified mentors which will ensure that there is consistent growth of knowledge among the group. These mentors will also oversee the general quality and potential outcome of the resulting work. Group activities, visits and meetings will be paired with sessions of revision and processing of the area development plan document. The working languages for all activities will be Italian and English.


All activities will aim to ensure transparent communication with the city and the stakeholders involved, as well as involve new potentially interested parties.


The residency will be developed in three phases:



1 - A phase of research, active listening and observation, with visits to the ex Snia Viscosa; meetings with the area’s landowners and the other stakeholders operating in the territory (businesses and administrations); meetings with local advisors, citizens and professionals willing to help the project by sharing their knowledge and experience about the specific area, and more in general about the city;


2 - A co-planning phase, in which participants will join thematic working groups (according to the Project Policies stated in paragraph 7), teaming up with mentors, members of the evaluation committee and the whole facilitation group;


3 - A phase of processing and shared elaboration of the final document, which will contain a vision of development for the future of the ex SNIA Viscosa, including potential scenarios and feasibility assessments demonstrating their capability of responding to the needs of the community, public administration and stakeholders.


The project created during this stay should include:

  • A comprehensive model for the redevelopment of the area, sustainable both in environmental and economic terms;
  • Potential investors interested in supporting the project;
  • Fundraising options;
  • Benchmark comparisons with other projects for the recovery of dismissed areas;
  • Solutions for leveraging local social and cultural resources;
  • Harmonization of the area with the surrounding territory;
  • The different stages of the redevelopment process, including project needs and milestones.

Following the stay, the working group will engage in a national and international consultation with experts. RENA’s ongoing activities will offer the first opportunities for this consultation:

  • The second edition of the Festival of the Communities of Change in Bologna is the chance for sharing the proposed development method. The Festival will feature contributions from other similar urban redevelopment projects in other areas of Italy.
  • A second discussion will take place towards the end of November 2015 at the RENA General Assembly in Naples. The redevelopment of city suburbs will be one of the assembly’s themes on the agenda. This will provide an occasion for meeting potential investors and institutional representatives.


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