Thursday, 23 April 2015

NEXT SNIA VISCOSA: 23 shortlisted applications selected

The winners of the Next Snia Viscosa will be selected among 23 shortlisted applications (from groups and individuals). The selection process has taken into consideration the schedule of activities planned for the stay in Rieti, as well as the experiences and skills necessary for a new vision of the ex-SNIA.

The selected groups and individuals will be contacted in the upcoming days by the members of the Next Snia Viscosa team to further discuss the motivations and work methods proposed in the applications. The list of winners will be published by 27 April 2015.

Some local applications (both from groups or individuals) with special mention will be added to the 23 selected applications. The representatives of these local applications are expected to actively participate during the stay through modalities defined on a case-by-case basis.

Short list I:

    Team leader: Alessandro Almadori (Terni, Italy)

  • ArcDes - Development of Integrated Architectural Design Programs for City, Environment, Landscape
    Team leader: Alessandro Massarente (Ferrara, Italy)

  • Aste e Nodi
    Team leader: Simona Colucci (Naples, Italy)

  • Atelier Appennini
    Team leader: Giuseppe Pasquali (Rome, Italy)

  • L’Ateliers Architects
    Team leader: Karen Le Bris (Paris, France)

  • BAM!
    Team leader: Fabio Vignolo (Turin, Italy)

  • Chiara Terraneo (Cantù, Italy)

  • Fabrizio Clermont (Aosta, Italy)

  • Giovanni Formiglio (Rome, Italy)

  • Innesti Creativi
    Team leader: Dario Diarena (Perugia, Italy)

  • Insiti
    Team leader: Eloisa Susanna (Rome, Italy)

  • Joe Kulenovic (Washington DC, United States)

  • Land srl + Studio G3A
    Team leader: Antonella Miarelli (Venice, Italy)

  • Liat Rogel (Milan, Italy)

  • Linda Di Pietro (Terni, Italy)

  • Maass Consulting
    Team leader: Joaquim Maas (Munich, Germany)

  • Maya Florence Brittain-Sakuma (Rieti, Italy)

  • Molyneau DuBelle (Washington D.C., United States)

  • Massimiliano Pacifico (Rome, Italy)

  • Petra Pocanic (Poreč, Croatia)

  • Robert Brears (Christchurch, New Zeland)

  • Sabina Anna Lenoci Team
    Team leader: Sabina Anna Lenoci (Venice, Italy)

  • Team Pallozzi
    Team leader: Andrea Pallozzi (Rome, Italy)

Short list II:

  • Around SNIA
    Team leader: Daniele Rinaldi

  • Fabio Pitoni

  • Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura Sez. Rieti
    Team leader: Carlo Patrizio

  • Marco Travaglini

  • Studio MDM
    Team leader: Fabrizio Miluzzo

  • Team Monti
    Team leader: Luca Monti

  • Team Rinaldi
    Team leader: Carmine Rinaldi

  • Upgrade Studio - Studio Tecnico Chiariotti
    Team leader: Feta Asani

  • Valerio Casali

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